The Beauty of Pearls
The Beauty of Pearls

The Beauty of Pearls

Pearls have been a big part of women’s proudly owned collections for a long time. From the Ruby Choker layered with diamonds and pearls from Maharani of Patiyala’s jewelry box to recently worn satlada by Deepika Pdukone for her Mehndi, and pearl jewelry worn by Anushka Sharma and Soonam Kapoor during their weddings, you will find Indian women’s love for pearls hasn’t gone down by any measure.

Though most popular images of pearls are white and round, pearls in their pure state are often neither white not completely round. Pearls, just like ladies who wear them, come in different hues and shapes. The beauty they bring to the jewelry or the elegance they add to the one wearing it is rather unmatched.

You often find a string of pearls as the most beloved jewelry piece of many high class women, passed down from generations as a symbol of radiance and status. Even designers confess a string of pearls to be their favorite recommendation for adding charm and elegance to a beautifully feminine outfit. However, to be honest, pearls are ideal for any occasion and often go perfectly with most outfit styles.

Pearls can be cultivated or naturally occurring, but they are soft and easily scratched. They are tongue but aging, dehydration or impact during processing might make it fragile. Hence pearls require gentle care to make them last long in your treasure. Wiping them with soft cloth after each wear is one of the ways to show love and care to your collection.

Just like any other gemstones, pearls are never perfect. However, rounder pearls with iridescent surface with shine on the surface or just under it, with less blemishes are considered more valuable.

At Eersha, we work with artists who help us bring in beautiful pearls, weave them into jewelry that indeed can make others jealous. Working with the artists we realize how important it is to source locally, and help not only them to get a good livelihood but our customers as well to get best results with their prized possessions.

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