The Art of Jewelry
The Art of Jewelry

The Art of Jewelry

Jewelry has been an accessory for Women since ancient times. The material used have varied from natural to artificial. Jewelry adds to our sense of style and the final look. It’s a personal fashion statement. Adorning oneself with jewelry enhances our beauty.
There are different kinds of jewelry that one owns from fashion to precious to semi-precious. Handmade and machine made. The precious, semi-precious have been the favorites
Silver and semi-precious jewelry are exquisite as they can be made in different colors, shapes and designs. They are beautiful, exclusive and yet very affordable. They can be worn with all styles of attire from Western, Indian, Semi Ethnic to Indo western

Different semi-precious stone

Blue: Lapiz lazuli.
Pink: Rose quartz
Red/Maron : Garnets
Black : onyx
Green : Jade
Orange : Citrine and Amber

Why jewelry

It enhances your personal sense of style further; it adds to your sense of beauty and expression.
Jewelry is also a fashion or style statement. We use jewelry to complement our formal, official, casual or ethnic look. The Indian women’s’ relation with jewelry has been known and spoken even in our mythology.

How to style up

The Head turners: The mix and match have always been a favorite, Team your skirt or shirt, Your Saree or lehenga with a contrast color to create a striking look, it makes you Special.
A bold pendent or a chunky neckpiece will add to your personal style.
The Simple Style: A simple or delicate neckpiece or earrings add to your overall look, match the color of the attire with the color of the jewelry piece. Keeping it simple and beautiful.
Ethnic Diva: Wear your ethnic jewelry with a skirt or your contemporary jewelry with ethnic to create a special look. If that’s to bold for you. Then team up your ethnic clothes with a lovely ethnic necklace and earing set to add to the overall look.

Collectors piece

It’s a collection.
Every time you gift the receiver is owning a collection. It’s a gift worth cherishing
Collect different colors, designs to make your collection complete. The collection can be passed on to the next generation.
The simple rule is BRAG – Have in your collection Black & Blue, Red, Amethyst &Amber and Green &Grey so you can brag about your collection.
Enjoy the collection for yourself buy different semi-precious pieces to make your collection complete

Jewelry care

What’s the best way to take care of the jewelry?
Semi-precious jewelry is long lasting and many of the exquisite pieces can be passed on to the next generation. It becomes important to care for your acquired pieces.
The steps are very simple – The jewelry is best kept away from perfumes, so avoid spraying on the jewelry. Best kept away from water if possible.
Store it in a plastic pouch or box. Avoid using cotton as silver does loose its Sheen in cotton.
Clean with a cloth before storing the necklace and earrings and don’t through it under heavy items
These simple steps will help you keep your exquisite pieces in usable condition.

Best Gift

Have you wondered how to give a beautiful gift within your budget?

Gifting a collection, a beautiful handmade Necklace or earrings.
For those who are close to your heart and for the special occasions.
Who can you think of: Friends, Relatives, Mother, Sister?
What occasions: Birthday, anniversary, wedding, festivals, achievements and of course just like that
For yourself: Have a collection of your own, gift one to yourself.
Traveling abroad: Best gift to carry Eersha Jewelry – Creations that spark envy

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  • Beautiful collection , especially the stylish pendant designs

  • Thank you received the beautiful Tiger eye set .It is lovely

  • I love the earrings collection affordable and unique

    • Thanks we are glad you liked our collection

  • Lovely and diverse collection. Especially love the sets for gifting!!

    Manasi Sharma
  • I loved the collection. Its simple, ethnic and elegant. Best of Luck.

    • Thanks Nisha for your encouragement

  • The collection is very elegant and classy
    Absolutely loved the earrings we got 🙂

  • The collection is very elegant and classy.
    Absolutely loved the earrings we got 🙂


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